6 months after attacks began, Rohingya see no end in sight

Ns News Online DesskNs News Online Desk: DHAKA, Bangladesh: Their houses are often made of plastic sheets. Much of their food comes from aid agencies. Jobs are few, and there is painfully little to do. The nightmares are relentless.
But six months after their horrors began, the Rohingya Muslims who fled army attacks in Myanmar for refuge in Bangladesh feel one immense consolation.
“Nobody is coming to kill us, that’s for sure,” said Mohammed Amanullah, whose village was destroyed last year just before he left for Bangladesh with his wife and three children. “We have peace here.”
On Aug. 25, Rohingya insurgents attacked security posts in Myanmar. Within hours, waves of revenge attacks broke out. Thousands were killed and the survivors flooded into Bangladesh.
Six months later, there are few signs Rohingya are going home anytime soon.

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