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Eight arrested over Thursday’s blast in Turkey’s capital

NSNEWS ONLINE DESK;Eight suspects were arrested for their alleged links to Thursday’s bomb explosion in the capital Ankara, a governorship statement said on Friday.nsnews

According to the statement, the evidence found at the site indicate bombing device was used for the blast at tax office directorate.

No casualties were reported after the explosion occurred at the tax office directorate in Cukurambar district at 8.00 p.m. local time (0500 GMT) on Thursday.

Ersen Ertogan — who left the bag carrying a bomb device at the entrance of the directorate building and was later killed in the operation — was trained in Syria by Civil Protection Units (YPS), PYD/PKK’s affiliate, the statement said.

Ertogan, who was carrying a fake ID when he was captured dead — was believed to have entered Turkey from Syria illegally, it added.

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