Bangladesh PM: AL doesn’t want to see bloodshed in Bangladesh

nsnewsNSNEWS ONLINE DESK: Bangladesh Jessore : Seeking vote for Awami League in the next general election for the continuation of development, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday said her party does not want to see any bloodshed in the country.

“We don’t want to see any bloodshed in Bangladesh. Bangladesh will be a developed and prosperous country…it’ll march forward,” she said.

The Prime Minister was speaking at a public rally at Jessore Eidgah Maidan.
Sheikh Hasina, also the president of the ruling Awami League, said the way the voters gave their mandates in favor of AL-nominated candidates in the last general election the same way they will choose them in the next national election.

“Please, give the chance to serve you again by casting your votes for the AL candidates as you did in the past,” she said.

Terming BNP-Jamaat clique as the synonym of killing, torture, militancy and terrorism, the Prime Minister said whenever AL comes to power people enjoy peace and security. “We want peace and development in the country and that is our prime task,” she said.

Earlier arriving at the venue, the Prime Minister laid the foundation stones of 27 development projects,

Sheikh Hasina said the government has relentlessly been working in a planned way to ensure all the opportunities for every citizen of the country.

Referring to massive torture, killing and burning of innocent people, including women and children, during the BNP-Jamaat nexus, she said BNP along with its allies established a reign of ghost.

Coming down heavily on the BNP-led government for its misrule, the Prime Minister said those who had taken the country back in all major sectors in the past can give nothing to the nation in the future.

“Whenever they come to power, the country goes back as they run it like a ghost that walks back,” she said adding that their job was only to loot public money and burn men in front of their wives while daughters in front of mothers.

Sheikh Hasina said those who committed such crimes cannot do anything for the development of the country and the welfare its people.

Elaborating the various development projects she inaugurated today, Hasina said these are her gifts for the people of Jessore. “The people of the entire country will get the benefits of development as long as her party is in power.”

She said the government is setting up 100 economic zones in the country where there would be huge investments, strengthening the national economy.

Referring to the allegation of corruption on the Padma Bridge, she said the World Bank could not prove the allegation and her government is implementing this mega project with the country’s own fund.

Hasina mentioned that works on railway lines over the Padma Bridge are also progressing well and it will go to Mongla Port via Khulna, while it would also go to Jessore via Abhaynagar.

About the roads that got damaged in different parts of the country due to heavy rainfall this year, the Prime Minister said her government has already approved various projects to solve the problem.

The Awami League President also described her government’s tremendous successes in various sectors, including health, education, ICT and infrastructure in the last couple of years.

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