Barton-on-Sea ‘tornado’ causes damage to homes in UK

Ns News Online DeskNs News Online Desk :A “tornado” left a trail of destruction when it struck coastal villages in Hampshire. People in Barton-on-Sea and Ashley were woken by howling winds and lashing rain in the early hours of Friday.

Homes were damaged, fencing was flattened and a 6ft-high (1.8m) wall was brought down. Dave Thorne, from Barton, described the noise as “really, scarily loud”. BBC Weather presenter Simon King said radar images supported the tornado claims.

Mr Thorne said he heard an “almighty crash” and his window frames broke inward at about 04:00 GMT.”The wind noise increased dramatically and there was rain and debris lashing,” he said.

“It’s like the tornado has gone up the road – there is a clear line of destruction from the direction of the sea heading inland.” He said fence panels in Seaward Avenue were brought down, with one appearing to have been blown 40ft (12m) before crashing through a window.

“I’ve never seen or heard anything like it,” said Mr Thorne. “It felt cataclysmic.”Another resident, David Sullivan, said there was damage to the roof of his flat, with many tiles torn off. “We’re used to bad weather here, but we’ve never had the like of this before,” he said.

Martin Young, who also lives in the cliff-top village, said he could feel his house shaking and it was “frightening” for up to 30 seconds. “It’s taken out walls that have been stood for 50 years,” he said. “It’s lifted complete sections of heavy fencing and thrown them probably 30-40 meters into a block of flats.”

A resident of nearby Ashley said: “It made a sound like a train passing followed by a bang on the roof. “Three of my neighbor’s fence panels have blown out. One has traveled about 20ft (6m) into my garden

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