Canada accuses Iran of missile attack, says ‘perhaps inadvertent mistake’

Ns News Online Desk:Ns News Online Desk: After America, now Canada also believes Iran’s hand in the accident of Ukraine’s passenger plane
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said – According to intelligence sources, Iran’s missile attack itself crashes
Iran rejects missile attack on aircraft, asks Canada to share intelligence report

After the United States, Canada has also spoken about Iran’s involvement in the Ukrainian passenger plane crash. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that according to information received from several intelligence sources, Ukraine’s plane crashed due to Iran’s missile attack. He also said that it seems to be an ‘unintentional mistake’ by Iran. Please tell that 176 people died in a plane crash on Wednesday near Tehran. 63 Canadian citizens were also killed in it. On the other hand, Iran has rejected the claim of the missile attack on the aircraft and asked Canada to share intelligence reports.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Ukraine’s plane crashed due to Iran’s missile attack

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a statement in Toronto, saying, “We have intelligence from several sources and all the evidence indicates that the Ukrainian passenger plane has been shot down by an Iranian missile.”Meanwhile, a video is also going viral on social media in which the jet plane of Ukraine near Tehran is seen flying in the sky. During this time something came crashing into him and there was a small blast in the plane.
The Russian-made missile crashed into the ship?

The New York Times has confirmed the video, saying that after the plane hit the missile, there a small blast but it did not crash completely. The jet continued to fly for a while after this. On the other hand, US satellites have allegedly detected the launching of two missiles just before the Ukraine plane crashed. The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council in Ukraine, Oleksy Danilov, said that the claim is investigated, saying that some fragments of Russian-made missiles found near the site of the plane crash. This missile is with Iran. According to Fox News, a senior US official claims that the Russian missile SA15 killed Ukraine’s civilian aircraft.
Iran asks for a report from Canada

Iran dismissed the Ukrainian aircraft’s claim of a missile attack, calling it a “matter of no use”. However, Iran also asked the Canadian PM to share an intelligence report on the accusation of the Ukrainian plane crash. However, Iran invited Boeing to participate in the investigation of Ukraine’s plane crash case. A statement from the Iranian Ministry of Transport said, “At that time many national and international aircraft were flying in Iran’s airspace at an altitude of 8,000 feet.” The story of flying an aircraft with a missile cannot be true at all. Such rumors have no meaning. ‘
Trump said- the other side may have made a mistake Earlier, US President Donald Trump indicated that he believes Iran responsible for the Ukrainian plane crash. However, he not directly blame Tehran but dismissed the claim that the cause of the accident mechanical disturbances. Trump also denied that the American had any involvement in the plane crash. “Someone from the other side (Iran) may have made a mistake,” Trump said. He further said, ‘Some people are saying that it was mechanical … I personally think that there is no question of it.’ Must have happened inadvertently.

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