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Frydenberg backs BCA and Financial Review bush fire appeal in Australia

Ns News Online Desk:Ns News Online Desk: Australian Bush Fire Disaster, Killed human being, 50 Crores of Animals and burned more than 2000 houses, burned millions of hectares of land,still continuing burning by bush fire, nobody even Government of Austria unable to expect when it will be stopped. This is the casual endurance in  USA, Canada but seriously occurred in Australia,

Few years before I sent a suggestion to the Australian Environment and Heritage Minister when there was a serious wildfire occurred. “Which I suggested, As Australia owned vast area of Forest within its territory they must take some effective measures for future safety from wildfire, bush fire disasters. If the Government creates separation of whole area of Forest by blogging the area by this way- “ten miles after one mile gap, after cutting all trees in this one mile and keep this one mile plain for whole years then, if one of ten miles go under fire it can be save other vast areas blogs of forest by using fire fighters who can save the remaining thousands blogs from the wildfire disaster. This is my opinion only. I don’t know whether they admit it or not or they are not intended to accept . That’s their concern. We are very sad to see the present disaster facing by the one civilized country of the world. But it is true to say that they are taking so many financial support to the distress peoples and institutions in the following ways—

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has thanked corporate Australia for stumping up donations and essential items for communities destroyed by the catastrophic bush fires which have killed 26 people, razed more than 2000 houses and burned millions of hectares of land. He said that “everyone has a role to play” in providing support, as he praised the Business Council of Australia for setting up a $25 million fund to help support the children of volunteers killed during disasters.

“The BCA should be congratulated on its initiative to support the bush fire relief effort. As the country comes together at this challenging time the role of corporate Australia is critically important in so many areas,” Mr Frydenberg said. Property affected by recent bush fires in Wingello, NSW. Isabella Porras

The BCA Appeal was established after a conversation Mr Frydenberg had with BCA chief executive Jennifer Westacott late last week. The Australian Financial Review is supporting the effort. The trust will have a particular focus on supporting the education of children whose parents die volunteering on the front line of natural disasters; its funds won’t be limited to those who lost parents in the current fires.

The BCA is also establishing a Community Rebuilding Initiative which will work with the government’s newly-formed National Bush fire Recovery Agency, announced after the government was criticized for failing to prepare and support communities during the fires.

The BCA initiative aims to provide work for volunteers and victims of disaster, offer reconstruction support, and help divert resources to where they are most needed. Josh Frydenberg, seen with Scott Morrison at Monday’s press conference on the fires, has praised businesses response to the bush fires. Alex Ellinghausen

The fund builds on the already-extensive services and cash donations made by corporate Australia to bush fire relief.

Mr Frydenberg praised the private sector for its provision of fuel, food, clothing and emergency accommodation as the disaster continues to unfold. “The generosity of the private sector is both encouraged and appreciated at this time of need, whether it be the banking and insurance industry who are helping communities recover, [or] airlines who are moving volunteers around the country.”

He also praised retailers for restocking empty shelves and providing support to communities at no cost. Mr Frydenberg also announced on Wednesday that disaster relief payments made by the government to individuals and businesses will be tax exempt.

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