Indian Supreme Court rejects hijab case hearing plea

Ns News Online DesNs News Online Desk: That is why the hijab case will be heard in the Karnataka High Court on Thursday afternoon. The hearing is scheduled to start at 2.30 pm.

Earlier, a petition was filed in the country’s Supreme Court seeking a speedy trial, but the apex court rejected the plea. According to the Supreme Court, preparations for the hearing in the High Court have begun. There is no rationale to intervene in this situation.

An educational institution in Karnataka has recently banned female students from wearing hijab. After that, there were allegations that students were not allowed to enter some other educational institutions after wearing hijab.

Five students from Udupi, Karnataka, had taken refuge in the High Court against the ban on hijab in educational institutions. A one-point hearing of the appeal was held on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Justice KS Dixit said that there was a bigger question of law in the case. The larger bench usually deals with questions of personal law.

Later in the night, a three-member bench of the High Court headed by the Chief Justice will hear the case from 2.30 pm on Thursday. As an interim measure, lawyers for five students sought permission for Muslim students to wear the hijab. However, the judge said that the question has to be asked in the larger bench.

An application was filed in the Supreme Court seeking a speedy hearing. But the Supreme Court of India rejected it. The apex court judge said, “Preparations have started for the hearing of the case in the High Court. Why should we intervene? ‘

The Karnataka chief minister said he would hold a meeting with the state education minister on Thursday to discuss the current stalemate. The Karnataka government has closed schools and colleges for three days due to controversy.

The government will announce in the evening whether the period of closure of educational institutions will be extended further. At the same time, the Chief Minister directed the administration to look into the matter so that outsiders could not enter the school premises.

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