‘International Fleet Review 2022’ (IFR 2022) organized by the Bangladesh Navy at Inani in Cox’s Bazar

Ns News Online Desk:Ns News Online Desk: The first three-day ‘International Fleet Review 2022’ (IFR 2022) organized by the Bangladesh Navy at Inani in Cox’s Bazar on Wednesday (December 7) morning. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheik Hasina Inaugurating the event. The Three-day IFR 2022 had begun with participation of Navies and Maritime Organizations from 28 countries including  USA, UK,  Germany , Italy, Saudi Arabia, India , China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar,  Thailand, Turkey, Netherlands, and the host Bangladesh.

In the Inaugurating ceremony  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, ’90 percent of world trade is done by sea. Keeping the oceans safe is essential for free global trade. There is huge scope and potential for maritime trade, economic prosperity and extraction and exploration of marine resources. Realizing this immense potential of marine resources, extensive initiatives have been taken in the marine sector of Bangladesh. But a thriving economy is only possible if we can ensure a safe and secure environment at sea. To that end, we are modernizing the Navy through quality development programs including capacity building to protect marine resources.

Members of the diplomatic mission at this time; Chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Force, Chiefs of Participating Navy and Coast Guard, representatives, other military and civilian members were present. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that any problem can be solved through reconciliation and dialogue, not conflict. She said, ‘Bangladesh armed forces are being strengthened not to fight. Our goal is to establish peace and maintain peace. Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina said, “Any war can lead to terrible consequences for mankind, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war is showing us.” We do not want war, we want peace.

The prime minister said, “The main motto of our foreign policy has been determined under the guidance of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, ‘Friendship with all, enmity with none’.” As a nation we have always prioritized global and regional peaceful coexistence. Following that policy, we are trying to maintain good relations with everyone. We have good relations with all the neighboring and regional countries.

He said, “We believe that any problem can be solved through compromise and dialogue rather than conflict.” The armed forces of Bangladesh are being strengthened not to fight. Our aim is to establish peace and maintain peace.’

Sheikh Hasina warned that any war can lead to dire consequences for mankind and said, “The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war is showing us that.” We do not want war, we want peace.

Pointing out that we have been able to reflect our commitment to peaceful coexistence in the recent past, the Prime Minister said, “We have set a bright example to the world by amicably resolving maritime boundary disputes with neighboring India and Myanmar.” As a result of the settlement of this dispute, all the three countries have an unlimited opportunity to develop the blue economy. Apart from this, we have managed to settle the land border peacefully with India.

In addition to economic progress, Bangladesh has achieved capabilities in various fields, the Prime Minister said, ‘Bangladesh is playing an important role in various regional and international forums. Bangladesh has been one of the highest troop contributors to UN peacekeeping operations for the past two decades. Since 2010, warships of the Bangladesh Navy have been deployed in the UN mission in Lebanon in the far Mediterranean Sea. These activities are an expression of our commitment to world peace.

Sheikh Hasina said, “Though all our countries are divided by international geographical boundaries, we are bound together with all the coastal countries by the bridge of friendship.” I strongly believe that the ‘IFR-2022’ event organized by Bangladesh Navy under the slogan ‘Friendship Beyond the Horizon’ will be able to strengthen the bonds of friendship between us, which will play an important role in increasing mutual trust and achieving economic prosperity among all maritime nations. ‘

Bangladesh is a country of great natural beauty and diversity. Cox’s Bazar beach is the largest golden sandy beach in the world. Bangladesh is a country of great potential. I hope that the representatives of various countries participating in IFR 2022 will get a fair idea about the immense potential of infrastructure development in Bangladesh’s sea, coastal areas, tourism, etc.’

On the occasion of the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the celebration of the golden jubilee of Bangladesh’s independence, he extended his best wishes and congratulations to all those present at the opening ceremony of the ‘International Fleet Review 2022’ organized at Cox’s Bazar.

The Prime Minister said, “I thank Bangladesh Navy for organizing ‘IFR 2022’ for the first time. I would like to thank all participating countries, naval chiefs and delegations of various countries.

Safe seas must be kept safe for global trade: PM

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