M R Jannat Swapon, the icon of dreamy youth

M r Jannat Swapon
M R Jannat Swapon

Tawheed Hasan, Dhaka: His full name is M R Jannat Swapon. But he, among the people of the online world, is known as Meshtarua. He started building websites as a hobby, but now he is an established, website developer. He has created many local and foreign sites. Even the designer of several newspapers. He is a shining star for young people who want to build a career in the IT sector.
Talk to him privately. Hundreds of busy said, his good-evil feel, a lot of personal. He said that it is better to wear the popular story of Bangladesh, the story-character Masood Rana created by the literary Kazi Anwar Hossain. It’s nice to sit on the beach and think about life. I am a travel-loving person, I run around with my mobile camera whenever I have time. I spend most of my income from web design on outings. M R Jannat Swapon is currently working in Textile in Gazipur as well as working in a specialized television channel for more than one crore expatriate Bangladeshis spread across the globe. The name of this television prepared with the joint investment of Canada and Bangladesh is World Bangla Channel. Working there as Head of Web and Social Media. The new Bengali channel for expatriates will be aired under the management of Asia Pacific Group from Toronto, Canada.


M R Jannat Swapon
M R Jannat Swapon

The main topics of this television channel will be the happiness and sorrow of the expatriates, achievements, successes, problems and possibilities, Bengali tradition and many more. “Events and news will be produced from office studios in Singapore, Dubai, London, New York and Toronto. There will also be programs in regional languages ​​of different regions of Bangladesh including Sylhet and Chittagong. The television channel, which is in the process of preparation, has already been able to attract the attention of expatriates.
Since 2011, he has been the editor and publisher of Kurigram Live.com, a news portal on community-based positive news. Earlier, a web directory called Kurigram Community Forum was started in 2010 to display the history, heritage, pictures and videos of the places of interest in Kurigram district. All the famous information of the district. Why you go to Kurigram, how to go. Go and see what happens. Where to stay Sight distance. Phone numbers of bus counters. Address of all emergency service organizations. You can get all the information including how much forest can be chased away by eating on this website. So at some point the project has to be stopped.

Hand in hand with professional web design development, Joomla CMS in 2012 and later as a WordPress expert in the web world. Has created over 500 aesthetic creative design web sites for domestic and foreign clients so far. Is the web design service provided only from his organization Meshtaruya Web Host Solutions? No. Domain and hosting services are also provided from here. Earlier this year, Mestarua Web Host Solutions changed its name and set up a new web service company with the aim of providing better services to its customers.
Working part time as a front end developer in an organization called Good Publicity. The Canadian is also working as a special correspondent for a Bengali newspaper, The Expatriate. Now doing BA / BS from Open University along with so much work. He thinks there is no alternative to education.

M R Jannat Swapon
M R Jannat Swapon

If you want, everything is possible, an example of this is M R Jannat Swapon. He has learned to work from a cyber cafe as he does not have his own computer. All you have learned is to collaborate online. At one time he made about 50 websites while sitting in a cyber cafe.
He said, “I have been working in a textile mill in Gazipur since 2003.” Hobby web designer. I mainly work on WordPress and Joomla platforms. The house is in Ulipur of Kurigram. At one point the writing stopped reading. Since then he has learned to walk alone.
From wheelbarrowing to programming, all work requires concentration, devotion to love of work. In fact, I have lost a lot in my life just by spending time behind it. I don’t mind if I have to lose more, I just want to be with this world. The man with his back to the wall turned around first. The man who drowns alone in the sea knows the longing to return to shore! I am not disappointed, I want to enjoy every moment of being a fighter. Now moving forward at breakneck speed. I have changed my life radically in the last one year. We will move forward at a faster pace in the next one year.
This hero of the IT sector thinks that he has to win the war. Because he knows how to work hard. Trying to make use of every moment of your life. Jobs and studies in textiles as well as doing professional freelancing. Running on your own. He could be the dream of ten other young people in the country. There is much to learn from his life. Bring reputation for the country, this is what we want.

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