No diseases reported among pilgrims: Saudi Health Ministry

Ns News Online Desk:Ns News Online Desk: Health facilities are providing pilgrims with preventive services around the clock

JEDDAH: No cases of epidemics or quarantine diseases have been reported so far among pilgrims arriving from around the world to perform Hajj this year, according to the Saudi Health Ministry.
The heath situation, the ministry said, is reassuring. The ministry takes necessary measures to prevent outbreak of diseases and monitors the global health situation in line with the World Health Organization’s standards and guidance. The Saudi authorities also monitor reports from global health bodies and incorporate those reports in their Hajj preparatory plans.
The Health Ministry has taken several precautions for the current Hajj season as per the global epidemiological variables and circulated the plan in all countries through the Kingdom’s embassies and diplomatic missions.
The ministry has also established observer centers for health facilities at the entry points for pilgrims.
These facilities are providing pilgrims with preventive services. According to official statistics, 1,212,663 pilgrims have taken advantage of these services.
Info-graphics shared on the ministry’s Twitter account stress the importance of stabilizing the health situation of heart patients, as well as carrying a proper quantity of medication and the importance of pilgrims keeping their medical cards in their possession.

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