Qatari press hails Erdogan’s visit

Ns News Online Desk:Ns News Online Desk: Dailies welcome President Erdogan’s meeting with Qatari counterpart to discuss ‘strategic partnership’ in 1-day visitQatari newspapers on Thursday hailed talks held between the gulf country’s emir and the president of Turkey. News outlets reported that the talks during a visit by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Qatar’s capital Doha strengthened the countries’ strategic relations and joint coordination with Ankara.

Many reports underlined that both Erdogan and Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani confirmed their intentions to resolve disputes in the region peacefully. On Wednesday, President Erdogan made an official visit to Qatar for one day where he met with the country’s leader, as well as other top officials.

The Al Raya daily said the repeated mutual visits between the two countries indicated “an honest desire to strengthen the mutual cooperation for the good of both peoples.” It added that the timing of Erdogan’s visit was also important amid the “growing relations between Doha and Ankara.”

Al Raya added that Qatari-Turkish ties were unique in that they were developed in “difficult times, besides being deeply rooted in history.” Meanwhile, the Al Watan newspaper also covered the visit as strategic relations between Qatar and Turkey become “more powerful than any time before.”

The daily appreciated both leaders’ commitment to develop “unique relations in all fields,” to enhance political, economic, investment, security and military relations. Another, daily, Al-Sharq, emphasized that the talks between President Erdogan and Sheikh Tamim helped strengthen cooperation between their countries.

It said that events in the Gulf region and Arab World proved the sincerity of Doha and Ankara’s joint visions since early 2014, when they launched the Turkish-Qatari strategic partnership.

Al-Sharq added that the countries would have to continue to consult with one another on how to deal with developments in the Gulf region, as well as the Arab and Islamic worlds at large.


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