Texas ramps up migrant buses to NYC

Ns News Online Desk:Ns News Online Desk: Texas has been ramping up its migrant buses to New York City since the beginning of the month — with up to eight buses in a single day being unloaded in Manhattan, volunteers said Friday. 

“Before, it used to be one or two a day, three days a week. Now it’s six or seven in a day and almost every day, sometimes even at night,’’ an aid worker from Team TLC NYC toiling at the Port Authority Bus Terminal told The Post.

At least seven buses packed with asylum seekers arrived at the Manhattan bus depot Friday — and a “few days ago,” there were eight buses in a single day, Mayor Eric Adams said Thursday.

It’s not clear where all of Friday’s buses originated from in Texas, but at least three of them came from El Paso, a border town that neighbors Ciudad Juarez in Mexico.

El Paso is one of the cities in Texas that has become inundated with migrants who cross into the US illegally and then seek asylum, allowing them to legally stay here till their cases run through the courts.

MTA busEl Paso officials and GOP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott are busing thousands of the migrants to Democratic cities such as New York to protest what they call Democratic President Joe Biden’s disastrously lax border policies.

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