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Turkish soldiers extend helping hand to baby at Kabul airport

     Ns News online Desk:   Ns News online Desk:  Turkish soldiers set example to world by helping people in need in Kabul as evacuation continues Turkish soldiers helped the father and two-month-old baby, bringing them to the safe zone, cleaning the baby’s bottom and feeding. The baby was later handed over to his father.

 Turkish soldiers are also distributing water and food to those who are waiting at the airport during the evacuation process. People, who have been waiting for days at the airport checkpoints, try to break through the walls of about 5 meters surrounding the airport from time to time.

A child, who was in danger of being crushed in the stampede as people attempt to enter the safe zone inside the airport, was rescued with the help of the Turkish military and special operations police.

The child, who was handed by the family waiting at the other side of the wall, was taken to the safe zone. The rescued child was later handed over to the family.

Turkish soldiers also helped a woman at the checkpoint who panicked when she realized that she lost her passport and documents. Helping the woman wash her face, soldiers said to her: “It’s okay, calm down.”As thousands of people, including women and children, waiting near Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport to be evacuated, Turkish soldiers set an example to the world by extending a helping hand to anyone in need.

Turkish soldiers Friday helped a two-month-old baby Hadiya, who was separated from her mother during the turmoil that broke out at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul.Farista Rahmani, the father of her two-month-old Hadiya Rahmani, fell apart from his wife Ali Musa Rahmani during the turmoil at the airport.

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