Ukraine war has forced many Ukrainians to seek refuge in Poland due to the Russian invasion

A woman and a child in a shelter in Poland: Reuters

Ns News Online Desk: ‘When will the eternally happy person be in delusion / can he understand the pained sensation.

We have been hearing this poem of Bengali poet Krishnachandra Majumdar since childhood. And the meaning of this poem has been understood by the governments of Europe since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war. War means devastated towns, killings and tears. To legitimize war means to neglect the deeper human side of man.

“Russia’s attack on Ukraine is an attack on democracy and the free world,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. As if fighting against dictatorship to protect democracy. Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is certainly reprehensible.

However, this solidarity of Western society against war and aggression in other parts of the world is not common. What is this solidarity because of the sting of the war on the soil of Europe today!

Western powers have come forward with blockades against Russia and various humanitarian assistance, money and weapons. Almost 60 years later, the European countries’ calculations of “peace and solidarity, not war” have changed dramatically.

The geographical location of Europe is bordered by Russia over a large part of the northeast. The countries of Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the European Union, the G-7 alliance have all come together to stop Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

After World War II, the people of Europe did not see such a big war on their continent after the former Yugoslavia or the Balkan Wars. Every day, war-torn towns, news of casualties, and the urge to save the lives of millions of refugees float across the pages of paper and television screens. As we see in the wars in different parts of the world. However, the desire or solidarity of the West in those wars is not so obvious.

It is said that the expansion of the NATO military alliance in Europe or the intention of Ukraine to become a member of this alliance is a big reason for this war. To understand why the NATO military alliance is still needed or why this alliance needs to be expanded, one has to go back a little bit.

During World War II, four allies — the Soviet Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France এক fought together to stop Hitler’s vicious war against fascist Germany. On May 8, 1945, Hitler’s forces were defeated and the Soviet Red Army occupied Berlin. This was followed by the end of World War II for six years.

At that time, the tactics and heroism of the Soviet Red Army under the leadership of President Joseph Stalin were well known. But the 1939 unethical agreement between Adolf Hitler and Stalin to divide Poland and the non-aggression pact between the two countries is a historical fact.

Three years after the Berlin conquest, the Soviet Union divided Berlin into East and West, and besieged Berlin’s West for almost a year from June 1948, at the behest of Joseph Stalin. Food and daily necessities were delivered to Berliners by air.

These unfaithful behaviors of Joseph Stalin led to the formation of the NATO Military Alliance in 1949 by nine countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and France. Although the former Soviet Union has long since disappeared, Vladimir Putin’s aggressive role today is reminiscent of Stalin’s politics. Russia has authoritarian regimes or lacks a transparent democracy.

There are such regimes in many countries of the world. For eight years, Saudi Arabia has been fighting a war in neighboring Yemen, killing 2.5 million people. Even if the West knows this, stay away from any blockade on Saudi Arabia, the United States and European countries are selling arms to that country.

In the case of Saudi Arabia, the West’s definition of humanity and democracy has led to the arms trade. However, many members of the NATO alliance have not been at war with the United States in the past. But with the war in Europe itself, now everyone is united against Russia.

Although Germany and France objected to Ukraine’s accession to NATO, the United States was more enthusiastic about the issue. Before Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Western leaders held several diplomatic talks with Vladimir Putin, but President Putin did not take them seriously.

At the moment, there is no one among the European leaders who can tell the Americans that the need for expansion of the NATO alliance is over. The issue is a major setback for European politicians, although Westerners say the war is a democratic struggle against dictatorship; However, this argument does not stand up to scrutiny.

Yarge Heine, a former U.S. ambassador to Chile and a professor at Boston University, said in an interview with Deutsche Zeitung in Germany last Saturday that “the West is united against Russia, that’s right; But if we look at Africa, Asia, Latin America, most of their countries do not agree on this war, this embargo.

Russia’s aggression in Ukraine should be unequivocally condemned. However, the economic situation in many parts of the Southern Hemisphere is already bad enough. And if the West decides to impose sanctions, it will be better for Asia, Africa and Latin America than for the war in Ukraine.

Saraf Ahmed From Germany .….

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