Unseasonably warm weather in NYC could be historic

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New York City will feel more like LA, at least for two days this week, thanks to a warm spell that’s expected to send temperatures soaring into the 70s. “The temps are definitely trending upward over the next couple of days. It’s unusually warm for February,” said AccuWeather meteorologist Dave Dombeck. The mercury will climb well into the 60s Tuesday and potentially hit a high of 72, topping the Central Park record for Feb. 20, set in 1939, by 3 degrees.

And Wednesday will be even warmer, possibly reaching a record 75 degrees. The current Feb. 21 record high of 68 degrees was set in 1930. “Barring anything unforeseen, that’ll go by the wayside. That is very likely to be broken,” Dombeck said of the 1930 record. But the balmy weather won’t last long.

“It can’t, it’s February,” the meteorologist said, adding that we’ll get a “reality check” on Thursday and Friday — when temperatures are expected to drop back down to the 40s. Big Apple residents were celebrating the expected warm snap, which is coming a couple days after a weekend snowstorm. “NYC, it will be 70 degrees on Wednesday. Who BBQing?” asked Twitter user Fonz Franc. Meanwhile, many parts of the West are experiencing snow and record cold. “Very cold in the west, with freeze warnings for most of the CA lowlands, and snow to sea-level in northwestern CA; and heavy mtn snows throughout the west,” the National Weather Service tweeted Monday. “This whole storm will bring significant snow, ice, and rain to the central U.S. early to mid-week; and big warming east.”

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