US-California family almost crushed by Redwood trees in storm

Ns News Online Desk:Ns News Online Desk: A California family was nearly crushed by three falling redwoods – but escaped harm due to the bizarre way the massive trees came down above their RV, a report said.

The trees fell during a huge rainstorm in Kentfield on Sunday and landed in a position where one got wedged between two others, video and photos by KGO-TV showed. Part of the tree landed on a bed where dad Matthew Boersma was having a nap, the family said.

Boersma woke up to the sound of his wife screaming, with a tree that had smashed the family’s RV home in half up against his shoulder. He reached out through an opening to tell his family he was OK, he said.“If I was over another six inches the whole tree would’ve crunched me,” Boersma told the station.

His wife, Danielle Brajkovich, had run into the rain after the trees came down in a ruckus, sending shattered glass and rocking the RV back and forth, she said. The couple’s two daughters and two dogs were unscathed, though a third dog had died before the harrowing incident.

“Our dog had just passed the night before and I think that he was our guardian angel in saving his life,” she said through tears, referring to her husband. “Because had the tree not fallen over and not gotten wedged between two other trees, he would have been crushed.”

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