US Embassy in Turkey says visa appointments only available from Jan 2019

nsnews nsnews online desk/ The U.S. embassy in Turkey’s capital Ankara said on Tuesday that it was continuing to process non-immigrant visas and that the appointments were available for January 2019.

“In spite of long wait times, the U.S. Mission to Turkey continues to process non-immigrant visas. Appointments are available for January 2019, and applicants can as always choose to apply outside of Turkey,” the Ankara Embassy tweeted.

The Turkey-U.S. visa row was sparked Oct. 8, when the U.S. Embassy in Ankara announced the suspension of non-immigrant visa services to Turkish nationals. That move followed the arrest of a local employee at the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul, prompting a tit-for-tat response from Ankara.

The U.S. resumed limited visa services in Turkey on Nov. 6. Turkey soon matched the move, relaxing a visa ban of its own that was instituted in retaliation against Washington.

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