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US-Postal worker, 22, street vendor, 75, arrested after brawling on NYC street

nsnewsA 22-year-old postal worker and a 75-year-old man believed to be a street vendor were both arrested following a confrontation at Canal and Mulberry streets in Lower Manhattan Saturday morning, police said.

The female postal worker told responding cops the senior citizen clocked her in the head with a cane, and she retaliated.

The unidentified combatants were both taken into custody following the 10:10 a.m. incident. Charges were pending, a department spokesman said late Saturday afternoon.

The postal worker declined medical attention at the scene and there was no immediate word on the 75-year-old’s condition, cops said.

Canal Street denizens did not know what fueled the fury, but several, like gift shop employee Kamal said they saw the elderly man sprawled out on the pavement in the aftermath.

A woman selling fruit alleged the postal worker shoved the man to the ground.

Other vendors on the block said the 75-year-old is a regular street vendor, who sells masks and knockoff items on Canal Street.

Another gift shop employee claimed the postal worker and 75-year-old were “yelling at each other” until police arrived and took both into custody.

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