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Video of Minneapolis police killing sleeping black man sparks anger

Ns News Online Desk:Ns News Online Desk: Police violence targeting black people in the United States and excessive security practices once again made headlines in the country after a 22-year-old black man was killed during a “no-knock” police raid. The video released by the police shows that the man had no chance of survival.

Authorities in the northern U.S. city of Minneapolis, still reeling from the police murder of George Floyd in 2020, said Amir Locke was shot Wednesday by officers carrying out a search warrant on the apartment he was in.

Locke was not named in the search warrant, which was issued in relation to a homicide investigation that the neighboring Saint Paul Police Department is running, Minneapolis Police Department interim chief Amelia Huffman said on Thursday.

In the video of Locke’s arrest, which was released on Thursday, a police officer uses a key to unlock the door and then a group of officers enters while shouting, “Police, search warrant, get on the ground, get on the f****** ground!”

An officer then kicks at the couch where Locke was lying and as Locke turns, an arm comes out from beneath the blanket, showing a gun held in hand. Almost immediately, police fired at least three shots.The total time between the officers’ entrance and the shots fired was less than 10 seconds. Locke was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Locke’s parents described their son as a talented musician, beloved member of his community and law-abiding citizen at a news conference on Friday with their lawyer, prominent civil rights attorney Ben Crump.Locke’s father, Andre Locke, said he watched the video with “disbelief and anger.”

He described his son, who he stressed had no criminal record and held a gun permit, as a “deep sleeper.”

“He did what any reasonable, law-abiding citizen would do, white or black,” Locke said.

He said police could have done “anything differently,” including ordering his son to drop his weapon before opening fire.

“It seemed that he didn’t have a chance,” Locke said. Taylor, a Black woman, was shot and killed when armed police raided her Kentucky apartment in March 2020. Floyd was killed in May 2020.

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