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Turkey slams French President Macron’s anti-Muslim bill

Ns News Online Desk:Ns News Online Desk: The Turkish Foreign Ministry has slammed French President Emmanuel Macron’s “Islamic separatism” remarks for having a distorted approach and attempting to control migrant communities in Europe through the establishment of fabricated concepts.

“It is nobody’s business to subject our exalted religion, whose name means “peace,” to false and distorted ideas in the guise of trying to ‘enlighten’ it,” the ministry statement read.

The ministry continued by saying that the proposed law would lead to calamitous results rather than bring a solution to France’s problems.“States do not have the right to determine religious services and the interpretation embraced by the faithful through laws,” the ministry said, as it noted that concepts such as European Islam and French Islam contradicted the provisions of human rights. The ministry said the mindset behind the law was mainly the result of false readings of sociological and historical facts, further inciting xenophobia, racism, discrimination and anti-Muslim hatred.

The statement continued by suggesting that the French state embrace more constructive rhetoric that would meet societal, religious and ethical needs – rather than looking at the people and religious issues through a security perspective alone.“We will closely follow the process regarding this bill and will continue to voice its disadvantages to France in bilateral and multilateral platforms,” the ministry said.

Meanwhile, ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) spokesperson Ömer Çelik criticized Macron for his “totalitarian” remarks, saying that his words on the “creation of an enlightened Islam” disrespect the law and freedom of faith.“This statement disrespects Muslims and is a provocation,” Çelik said, adding that Macron cannot have a mission to “enlighten” Islam in such a totalitarian manner. Çelik also said Turkey will follow developments regarding the issue as he invited the “democrats” of Europe to stand up against the “totalitarian” initiative.

On Friday, Macron pledged to fight “Islamist separatism,” which he said was threatening to take control in certain Muslim communities around France.Macron says assertive Islamist religious practices are “separatist” because they threaten to secede from French institutions and rules, his advisers say. The bill will be sent to parliament early next year, the president said.

Among the measures presented in the draft law, Macron said homeschooling would be severely restricted to avoid having children “indoctrinated” in unregistered schools that deviated from the national curriculum. Prefects – local representatives of the central government – will also be given the power to annul decisions by mayors to restrict school cafeterias or swimming pools to women or men only.

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